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Tangerine is an AI-powered data analytics company for smart mobility, offering solutions for fleet management, shared mobility, and insurance telematics. Tangerine’s products and services for planning, diagnostics, analytics are designed for commercial fleets, insurance, and automotive OEMs to manage their heterogeneous mobile assets, from bikes and cars to trucks and trailers.

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AI Enabled Solutions For Every Fleet Management Challenge

Tangerine allows businesses to harness the value of data like never before, enabling them to make informed decisions with real-time insights. Choose from our range of vehicle telematics solutions to monitor your heterogeneous fleets and business.

AI and Analytics

Be it predictive analytics to identify issues before they occur or insights into fleet utilization, driver risk, equipment usage, carbon emission or demand prediction, our deep learning algorithms equip you with the knowledge for decision making.

End-to-End Execution

Get a holistic view of your entire fleet operations - from live fleet tracking, driver behavior, predictive and preventive vehicle health, route optimization, to best-in-class reporting and compliance support, we cover it all.

Seamless Integration

Our technology stack is built for performance, scalability and security, supports easy integration with 3rd party devices and software to make an interconnected system that works seamlessly.

Advanced Fleet Telematics Solutions For Every Business

Tangerine transforms connected mobility into intelligent mobility by giving you resources to manage all fleet businesses.

Trucks and Trailers

Enable real-time visibility of trucks, trailers, reefers, containers and ensure compliances like HoS, DVIR and IFTA to stay focussed on your core capabilities.

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Leasing and Rentals

Support vehicle sharing while keeping assets protected by enabling vehicle access through mobile apps and remote immobilization in the case of theft, abuse or unauthorized use.

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School Transportation

Achieve high standards of child safety and fleet efficiency, while bringing parents and school administrators peace of mind through our simple to use app and web dashboard.

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Employee Transportation

Automate and optimize employee transportation management, reduce cost, complexities and remove operational inefficiencies.

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Auto Insurance

Protect against financial loss in the event of an accident or theft, get driver behavior, automated accident detection, alert and reconstruction for claims processing.

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Last Mile Delivery

Automate dispatch, optimize routes, track performance and scale operations efficiently with key performance metrics and comprehensive reports.

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Integrated Platform Approach

Tangerine owns the entire stack end-to-end from hardware, software, AI, reporting, controlling all aspects of our solution offering, backed by end-to-end customer support. Our connected intelligent platform is capable of integrating different hardware and data sources resulting in improved business processes and increased visibility and operational efficiency.

  • Monitor and manage all drivers, vehicles, and other assets on one single platform.
  • Harness the power of AI and data analytics to make business decisions that directly impact your profitability.
  • Centralize data collection for execution of a robust business intelligence strategy.

Join our growing partner ecosystem. We are continually looking for committed partners from a strategic and channel perspective across the globe.

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Join our growing partner ecosystem. We are continually looking for committed partners from a strategic and channel perspective across the globe.

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